Good posture is essentially important for a healthy body and mind as it enables in improving concentration, confidence, an enhanced spinal health and less fatigue. While improving your posture through regular exercises and consciously standing or sitting in correct and natural manner is the key, external aids help in maintaining your posture with ease. Our posture correctors come in garments or braces and are designed for keeping your body in the most ideal posture that’s suitable for you.

How effective is a posture corrector?

Posture correctors are devices aimed at improving the alignment of your body. Experts of the industry believe that with a help of a corrective brace, it is possible to retrain the musculature of one’s body. Our posture deteriorates with prolonged hours of sitting at desk or being engaged in activities that loosens the muscle tone in upper body. This leads to improper alignment of body, while shoulders fall forward. Our posture corrective devices work towards improving alignment issues and strengthening of upper back muscles as well as increased flexibility.

What should you look for in a posture corrector?

A posture corrector should fit in comfortably well. Although some of our devices might take time in getting used to it, there shouldn’t be any kind of nuisance. Our posture braces are amazingly functional allowing you to lead an absolutely normal life without any interference. You should be easily able to walk, run, cook, work in office and so everything that would otherwise normally do. Also our posture correctors align your body muscles properly while demanding the least efforts from you, therefore the device work towards helping you in gaining muscle strength, rather than you continually trying to pull back your shoulders. 

How long should you wear posture correctors?

The amount of time required for developing a healthy bearing habit usually differs from one person to another. We recommend that you wear them for 30 minutes to 3 hours a day. Over time, as these braces work towards correcting your alignment and strengthening your muscles, you can use less and less of the device. However, you will need to wear them as long as it is required for you to get into good posture habits of your own.

How is a posture corrector useful?

A posture corrector helps in improving your posture and keeping your muscles and bones aligned, that in turn reduce physical and mental fatigue and stress, prevent backache, prevent your spine from getting abnormally fixed and help in imparting a great physical appearance. Also, these supports can be useful in treating clavicle injuries and keep your spine and back issues in check.

What should you keep in mind while going for a posture corrector?

If you suffer from any severe back pain or medical condition related to your spine we recommend that you consult a medical practitioner before attempting any kind of treatments.

When should one wear a posture brace?

Posture braces can be worn at all times and especially during those periods where you are guilty of maintaining a poor posture behavior. This may include during the office hours, binge watching at home, cooking, reading, sweeping, walking or using any gadgets or devices.

When should you avoid wearing a posture brace?

Do not wear a posture corrector while swimming as it can restrict your arms. Avoid using them when partaking in activity where you don’t want to be held back.

How soon are results noticeable?

The results depend solely on your seriousness of wearing the posture corrector braces and maintain a correct posture. By being diligent about your posture at all times, you would not even feel the need of wearing one.

Can posture correctors be worn to sleep?

Since wearing a posture corrector to bed can get really uncomfortable, it is not recommended to wear a brace to sleep.