Mwaishop is a contemporary UK health and lifestyle brand with its headquarters situated in the picturesque Garden of England. Selling products for Improved posture – Active sitting – Everyday Workouts, - we aim to meet your health and wellness needs with our aesthetically pleasing and practical products.

Our Posture Correctors are unique as they are purposefully designed to remind, rather than to relieve. Wearing our Posture Corrector reminds the body to activate the relevant muscles, resulting in improved and strengthened posture.

Mwaishop products are sold in the UK and worldwide.


Bouts of pain and poor posture caused by long hours in the office was the inspiration for Mwaishop. Working long hours in front of a screen in various office roles, founder of Mwaishop, Mwai Mauluka, noticed that her complaints of back aches and pains were being echoed by most of her colleagues. Deciding that something had to be done, she began to closely examine her posture, as well as her colleagues in neighbouring desks. It soon became glaringly obvious that there was an epidemic of poor posture as she  observed the hunched backs and tense shoulders of her deskbound colleagues.

Mwai made it her mission to find products that help support and improve posture. Fast forward to today and Mwaishop Posture’s first flagship products are now available in the UK and worldwide. The Backup Classic and Essential  – a kind reminder for a better posture lifestyle.