Eyes on Posture in 2020

Looking at computer screens creates a habit of narrowed vision. This use of the eyes draws the neck forward, stiffening it, and interfering with overall body balance. Mary Bond, author of “The New Rules of Posture,” suggests this exploration to heighten body awareness and improve alignment.

Cultivate Two Way Vision

  1. Stand comfortably. Now focus your eyes tightly on an object in front you. Feel what happens in your neck. Keep that attitude and lift one leg to test your balance.
  2. With both feet planted, extend your arms out to your sides at shoulder level. Keep your gaze forward. Wiggle your fingers and notice that movement with your peripheral vision.
  3. Lower your arms but keep activating peripheral vision to widen your field of awareness. At the same time observe the original object. Notice that your neck now remains erect.
  4. Keep this partnership between focused and peripheral vision and test your balance again. You will feel steadier.
  5. Walk around and experience the ease in your body when you take in your surroundings as well as your destination